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New Site, Thank YOU!

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Scott, has never looked better! Thanks for all your time and work
on the site so everyone else can enjoy and benefit from it.


I love the new look Scott! Has nothing to do with one of my cars being on the banner at all.....This site looks classy and professional. Any one new to the Pinto world would be amazed of such an elaborate and attractive website. Great work!

I have to read 7500 more posts from Pintony? Hehe

The site looks awesome. I have been gone from the site for a while since I have been focusing on my 85 Omni GLH Turbo, but since it now needs a turbo replacement I'm shifting back to my 77 Pinto. I haven't done much with it since Carlisle 06, but with the way the site seems it should be easier for me to get more done to her.


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