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NEW SEMA CARB warning! Pre 76 owners heads Up


Hello all Pre 76 CA Pinto owners...
 We've warned you that they (C.A.R.B) weren't done with the classic car smog exemption, They're Back and SEMA just sent out the Warning. If you want to keep driving that Beauty , get typing to your State Senator & Assembly members.
 This is another Scam to con you into giving up your classic for "helping modernize " the vehicle fleet on the Highways. Don't buy into it, it's a scheme to get more revenue for State vehicle license fees.
 Sounding the alarm.. tell everyone...
 Your state will be next if we lose this fight here..


Yes, unfortunately the legislation in California often sets the precedent for overwhelming (or, underwhelming, in opinion) changes in other states. I hope this can be shot down; I would think classic car folks in California would really stand up and be noticed. There are plenty of them, fight!


I'll do my part.  This isn't just for California (in the big picture).  We ALL need to visit the web-site & do what we can. 

On a slightly different note;  let's get a movement going for a tax (per word) on legislators voiciferous rantings.

Probably raise enough to bail out the country!

Even if they're filibustering against something that you don't like?


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