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Scott Hamilton:
I would like to announce the inception of a new group of individuals that will be Managing the PCCA from this point on. As most of you might already know, the Admins of have been managing all effects of the club and site as a group effort for many years. While we have been meeting these requirements the site & PCCA have grown very fast and it's becoming a challenge to keep up. Participating in the Pinto Stampede showed the Admins and myself that Norman Bagi has the determination and energy to refocus the PCCA and bring everyone together to further the Goals of the club and expand what the original founders had in mind.  Please join me in welcoming Norm to the newly created 'PCCA Management Board'.  This group of individuals will manage and plan the PCCA's further growth and events nation wide. The Admins will be assisting Norm in setting up this Council as new members are identified in the near future.

The PCCA was created 10 years ago by Greg Gronau (gpinto2),  as an eGroup on line community next to John Perry's  Ford Pinto Mailing List we all originated from. was created to combine all resources into one unified voice to further the Goals outlined on the front page of this site today. These Goals were created during the inception of on the Ford Pinto Mailing List. Since these times, Greg has merged the PCCA into as have other sites to establish this Global Pinto Community portal that no one person has full control. We have always been managed by committee and in this recent move to establish the PCCA Management Council we are further striving to unite the entire Pinto Community under the founders original goals. As I have always said, this is your site- everyone's and now it's time to expand and enjoy what everyone has accomplished.

Norm, I look forward to supporting the Management Board's thoughts and visions of our future as we move forward to the bright unknown.
Scott Hamilton,

Congrats Norm!

Wow! This will really change the Space /Time continuum. I wonder if Mr.Glock had anticipated this outcome!.. Will this sage be able to continue the story? Time will tell!  Oh, Cap'n Shirk...

Wow ... congrats to Norm.


Congrats Norm


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