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but cookieboy how do you really feel about this.  ;D sorry i could resist. You do have a good point.

Scott Hamilton:
Yup- Brian has a good point, Something that Jim & I kicked around... I never was fond of post count restrictions but in this case I agreed with Jim that we need to give it a try. Again this is a trial period to see how it 'floats'..  We need to watch the Classifieds or other areas and determin if this is a hinderance or a help- Need everyone's feedback...  Please PM me with your thoughs and ideas...

Specifically, New Members cannot post Polls, Post attachments, add Links, add Classified Content, Comment on Gallery Phots until the 10 Post count is reached. They have complete access to every other 'regular' (non Charter and Above) Members privies...

As an added note- I PMed the individual that was utalizing the shout Box asking for help on his sprint value with more specific information... Sounds intresting...



--- Quote from: Cookieboystoys on January 10, 2010, 12:28:28 PM ---Really ? ? ?

again last night I was emailed, somone found my site and was asking for help, this happens from time to time. Seems he has a 1972 Sprint he's looking for information on value, asking price, where to sell, etc...

so of course the first thing I tell him is to join "this site" and post it for sale only to find out today that's not an option for him. He's not "Pinto People" but has something us "Pinto People" may be interested in.

so... in essence what is being said is... all you non-pinto people.... stay off this site... members don't want thoes cars and parts you have stashed away.

I for one am thankful to all thoes non-pinto people who have "stuff" for sale. To me this helps us Pinto People when looking for cars, parts, etc...

guess I'll have to keep that in mind for the future... If I get contacted again I can't send the non-pinto people here... they are not welcome, the cars they have stashed away, parts left over from past projects, etc... not wanted here.

Really? ? ?

sorry this sounds harsh... I wanted it to... just so it would be considered how the non-pinto person that has something to sell... maybe something rare... something we would all be interested in buying... like a Sprint Pinto, a hot pants kit, A former race motor, etc... how would that non-pinto person feel if he tried to sell it here! where it should be!

anyhow... just my humble opinion...

--- End quote ---

 Well, Isn't success Wonderful? In the time since I joined this site and groups (in 1999) few people thought we were just a "fringe" group  of car enthusiasts. My friends in the racing world in the '80's , thought I was off the Reservation (Still Debatable :surprised:0) for racing one.
 Brian has a Valid points and Scott and Jim are right to be concerned about E Clutter on the site.
 The wonderful consequence of all of our hard earned efforts to own , restore, repair , and promote this marque & Socialize with people is that we'll get BIGGER as a special interest group. Some entrepreneurs will step up and we get new parts sources.
 The Sprint value thing is now a "collector car issue" VIN numbers will mean a lot, and Like Shelby or GTCS Mustangs. The market will decide, I for one, would gladly burn up some Useless Obama Bucks in the effort to resurrect a Sprint or Group 2 Pinto. The market will now decide whether a rare Pinto can be of interest to the English Ford Collector (i.e. Cortina , and Escort bretheren)

 Sound off , it's your Interest group

 Historically Yours,

I have to agree with Brian too.  Perhaps these folks shouldn't get a Welcome To The Site salutation , like in the New Members column, but it would be a shame for these otherwise "non-Pinto people" to not advertise and give us Bona Fide "Pinto people" first dibs on cars and accessories. Otherwise it may be a bidding war on ebay.  Or the ol' circular file...

forgot to add...

They shouldn't get the Welcome Mat til their first 10 posts. There. Clarified that.

Now... where's the arcade!?  :o


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