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Scott Hamilton:
FYI- The restriction for the 10 post count before you can post a classified has been lifted...

Overwelmingly the PMs were opposed to this rule...

That's Cool... No Problem,

All post count restrictions are out- only Group restrictions as before remain...


Thanks Scott! This helps us Pinto addicts get more Pintos from the people who join just to unload an unwanted Pony!!  ;D

Kim ,
 I agree with your philosophy on this  ;D  Let freedom ring, let the market sing, But don't let your engines ping! Big tents folks, always big tents..

 Pintosopher.. 20 mule team strong!

Starsky and Hutch:
Just talked to a guy in Vancouver that has a 78 for sale ,,,he seen the site before i talked to him so,,i told him to list it here, so this will work out good for him now .....Cars on graigslist if anyone wants to see it ...There a 80 on there to that looks in great shape to...I can look at these cars for anyone as well and give them my 2 cents worth......

hi i have a 72 sprint for sale    for picts.


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