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Scott Hamilton:
I'd like to announce 2 new PCCA Management Board members and a new Chief Moderator / Admin...

Most of you already know Dwayne, (dga57) our PCCA Welcome Wagoner, he is consistently on the site and has always assisted where he could to help all of us reach the sites Goals. He has graciously accepted the newly appointed position of site Administrator/Chief Moderator. Give him at least 2 min to learn the ropes and you can start PM'ing him for all your requests... Just Kidding... With the dedication he exhibits daily welcoming new folks to our little community, he'll be even more valuable to all of us in his new position. I'm looking forward to supporting him as we move forward. Please give a shout out to Dwayne to congratulate and support his decision to serve you.

The next guy needs no introduction. He heads up several of the west cost events, parties, cruse ins and has started to coordinate the Knotts event in the past few years. He recently got married to a gal that has a Pinto and in fact- the Pinto was a theme at their wedding. Alberto (Pintopower) as agreed to work in the background as a PCCA Management Board Member where his talent for bringing folks together can become contagious for the PCCA. Looking forward to supporting him and his ideas so we can bring that close family relationship he has fostered on the west coast to the entire PCCA community.

What do you guys think when you hear, 'Ohio Get Together' -Rob Smarsch (rallytwo), right?. Rob has been heading up this yearly meet for several years now and the PCCA has been supporting him as best we can. It's growing each year and now with the 2014 Get Together in August, it's time to welcome him into the PCCA Management board. Rob also has a Maverick and is active in that community too. Rob is a real go getter and I'm proud to support his ideas on the board.

We continue to grow year after year- it's a wonderful thing. From the Admins and the Board, I want to thank everyone for supporting this community, your community and I look forward to working with all of you in the upcoming season.

Thanks Scott!  And a great big "Congratulation s" to Alberto and Rob on your new positions!

Dwayne :)

I will be the first to say I don't have a clue what it takes to make a site like this to operate, but am so glad someone does. I say thanks to you folks that make it happen on a daily basis THANK-YOU! I'm on this site at least one a day to see what's going on in the world of Pintos and pinto people,what a fun and spirited group. To tell you the truth I've never driven a Pinto,the project my Son and I are working on was towed to our shop where we started our father/ son project.(going on four years now) I so look forward to the day he and I can strap in the Pinto and meet-up with all you fine folks at the meets,It's that vision that keeps us pushing toward the goal. Thanks again to all who make it happen and may God bless you and this site in the years to come! Bud

Congrates guys :)


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