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Target just posted that they are no longer going to be in NASCAR. Who's next?

Could be they're afraid of Amazon, or maybe they dislike the future E Stock car series that is lurking in the future. Also, it's getting very costly to compete with Penske in NASCAR & Indycar.
 My guess is they're going green to placate the Millennial crowd, and Stock cars are too wasteful in their perception of Video game living.

 My two horseshoes worth UU :D

Target already left Indy car so might as well leave nascar as well. Heard they decided to take their sponsorship to another sport, but could also be lagging sales due to increased online sales from companies such as Amazon.

After you see the empty grandstands on tv, you know why the likes of Target are going elsewhere.

Target now says they will support soccer in place of NASCAR. Good for them as soccer is much bigger than NASCAR and is world wide.


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