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Today there is a news post on MSN about why the stands are empty at NASCAR races. One I had though of before but never gave much though to. The youth of today are not into cars. There are no gearheads anymore leaving school today. First of all there are no cars made today that makes your blood run warm. The only ones that could, can't be bought by the youth of today. Sport cars are the only hot rods of today, and those people don't dig NASCAR very much if at all. The youth of today are only fired up over their electronics and look at a car as only an object that will interfere with their I pad and such. What can be done? Nothing at all. That's the way it is and there is no cure. Go to a car show and you will see the owners are all over 40. SAYLAVIE America!

Times sure do change. 100 years ago, everyone knew a horse drawn chaise from a brougham. Today, I can't tell a chuck wagon from a stage coach. In spite of my expectations and prompting, only 1 of our 4 kids (a girl) enjoys working on her own car, and that's only because she has the screw head gene and will fix anything. Vintage tin is fading away from the street and into static displays. Makes driving a Pinto even sweeter. Holding those reigns with pride, giddy up little pony.

Of course if you believe everything MSN propagandizes  ::) then we are cooked.. I'll stick with the business side of reality. The Left has done a bang up job of separating our Youth from the Parental influence of the gender based Interests that supported racing in general. NASCAR has overlooked the marketplace and ignored the Fiscal realities of the Middle Class families. (IT COSTS TOO DAMN MUCH!) Junior and Sally must have the latest in Mobile technologies to just keep up at school, and the parents are losing ground to the Infotainment Universe overhead.
 Show me a child that wants to build things instead of just using things up to a point of Obsolescence, and I'll show you a Future racing Fan :-\
 Daddy and Mommy need to "parent up " and fix this or the  Media will own our children and all of their values, interests, and Income. Code writers? yeah , we must have them, But not at the expense of understanding why they exist.
 All of us Graying Seniors have an obligation, or this will end in the "Rise of the Machines" and the end of Humanity, and it's value to the Future :o

 Pintosopher,  looking to the lessons of History, Humbled by the wisdom of Divinity

 Motorhead to the Equine Ox cart ;)

Yep, California is even trying to extort big oil for cash by filing lawsuits for global warming. One party rule.  To some degree, technology blindly drives culture. The first cars required wiggling, jiggling and incantations to start. If you were not a mechanic, you were walking home. Even 50 years ago, cars were still complex, needing regular attention. The average guy, with average tools would make repairs. Everyone worked on cars back then, so higher interest, pride, value and competition were natural. NASCAR had guys like Dave Marcus (in wing tip shoes) that the average guy could relate to. Today, cars are complicated, going forever with only oil and filters. There is no underlying need stimulating interest with cars, but there is with phones and applications. Even electric or hydrogen cars will not kindle the personal experience needed to fill grandstands.

Sometimes things just run their course. NASCAR use to help sell family cars to a performance minded dads on Monday. Now they try and sell detergent to housewives. NASCAR, NHRA etc. are not forms that keep up with modern FWD cars people relate to.  Fake bodies and painted on features take their toll on truth too. $60 cheap seats and $10+ beer..., and at some point it becomes "been there, done that" for the fickle fan that never really was.

I'm not sure what NASCAR can do. I was never a fan for lengthy roundy-round racing.  NHRA Pro Stock should go back to stock bodies/floorpans with welded in cages and running currently available engines (even if limited to 4 cylinders).  Allow 4-WD to get around the FWD limitations.  I lost interest with the current cars looking like carburated funny Cars.


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