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Image upload size restrictions lifted!

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Test with 960KB image.

Update: Image loaded and since I was one of the people begging for this capability I offer a big THANK YOU!   BTW, this new look PCCA also has less (as in no so far) issues with the right click for spell check problem I was having.
  But now the Quote, Modify, Remove buttons dart to the right / left and the whole body of text downward when I move my cursor from an area outside the center area into it and visa versa . Kind of like a horizontal/vertical YoYo. This is affecting the post above in the same way too.

Shot a little 163K video of it on my less than smart phone, but don't know how to send it as a forwarded email to you (only way I know how).

Scott Hamilton:
Darting, yo yo.. That really sums it up... Ha ha... :)
I don't have a solution to this new 'feature'... Yet?

i will try it.

Scott Hamilton:
Like the header.....

wow that was easy.thanks scott alot of times i wanted to post pics but it would not work. i will try another.


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