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I've been involved, on a small scale, with SEMA and our issues concerning the ability to enjoy a HARMLESS hobby for decades. 

It is the THOUSANDS of small scale enthusiasts that have kept big gov at bay these many years.

Contact ALL your government reps ASAP concerning this attack on you.

If you don't SPEAK UP, your opponents will.  Government reps do listen to those who speak their mind in a respectful way.  It's a numbers game to them.  Let's get the numbers to read in our favor. 

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Greetings all,
 srt is right, If we don't get with the program and tell these socialists to get out of our Hobby, we will be forced to drive what they want us to drive! SEMA is a BIG lobbying organization and one of our best allies in keeping the Government out of our interests, But they won't really get to the Politicos like a personal heads up from YOU!
 Read my post in the Off topic Section titled " Actions & Consequences" ! You have to think that THEY really think they can mandate Old Car turnover to save the economy.
 Japan used to mandate scrappage at 40-50K mileage to "clean the air" and subsidize their economy.
 We benefited by getting boatloads of slightly used Asian engines for resale in the US. I personally did a few swaps for friends, now those cars are "clunkers" too under the current perception.

 Tell Washington to "Clean up their spending habits" and leave us alone.

 You have been warned....

Welcome to the USSA!
They don't give a rats A$$ what you think or want, You better wake up after Jan 20 your going to grab you ankles and ask for another please! It's gonna be a LONG 4 years...

Good By America was nice knowin Ya.......

map351, are you telling us that it is going through for sure now?

Sit back and take a good long look at what happened on Nov 4. The far left wing special interest socialists took over the law making in this country! Al Frankin is stealing the election in Minnesota gives the air Nazi a 59 vote majority a few left leaning Republicans that are in the back pocket of the tree huggers they have a 60 vote majority!
Then with King Hussein in the White House who's going to stop them?

They can BAN any pre 1985 car!  What are you going to do? write letters?


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