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Yes folks,
 We are going to be an easy scapegoat for the "bailout of the economy". Unless the aftermarket industry can show these liberals how many Jobs & $$$ will disappear if we are legislated out of existence, we will be extinct , or at the very least, a rich man's privilege!
 Your only recourse is to demand real logic and common sense in the issue of our impact on the economy and of course, our Carbon Footprint :hypno:

 If the Democrats are able to secure a tie proof majority, we won't have a prayer for the next 4 years! Obama's VP Joe Biden, will be the tie breaker in all Senate tie votes. And we know what Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer think of our "Hobby".

 If you think this is irrelevant, Imagine a Hybrid owner who freezes to death because the battery won't function in 40 below weather and he/she runs out of gas while attempting to race to a town for supplies, thinking the battery charge and fuel load is enough to make the trip! Are you listening North Dakota and parts nearby?

 Sorry folks , this ain't paranoia, this is the potential for allowing stupidity to rule our lives.

 Oh BTW , your pinto would have made the trip without a hitch.


If our government is allowed to do this, that will jeopordize everything we stand for. What freedoms will remain? What kind of country will we be if we dont stand up as a people and demand what we see fit for us and not let someone else tell us what we need. Sorry i dont believe in this Government. Elected by us or not they do not see fit to do as we need, but as they think we should be. I personally am willing to stand up for my rights, my freedoms, How about you all? Why dont we all do something about this. and get this ban, banned.


--- Quote from: 75bobcatv6 on January 14, 2009, 05:12:01 PM ---If our government is allowed to do this,
--- End quote ---

"WE ARE"the government.

Doesnt seem that way anymore does it?

Well, there's strenght in numbers for sure, 'liberty and justice for all', right? Lots of govornment officials are doing broadcasts on youtube now, it's the 21st century.



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