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Scott Hamilton:
Quick Guide:

The Member Map is located by clicking on the 'Member Map' Link on the left side of the site. Note: Only registered users will see this link and be able to view the MAP, no guests allowed.

To Place your Pin,

++ Click on the "Click here to go place your pin if you have not already." link at the bottom of the Member Map. You will be redirected to your individual profile. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the MAP interface where you can place your pin.

To Reposition Your Pin,

++ Again you must click on the 'Click here to go place your pin if you have not already.' and you will be redirected to your profile where you can replace or reposition your pin as necessary.

As with any Goggle interface You ZOOM into the map and place your pin as close to your ACTUAL location as you feel comfortable & you can turn on the satellite view to see individual buildings...

These directions will be expanded upon as necessary...

And here is a little diddy that I found to be a bit confusing. I was using the little grab hand to navigate from side to side when zooming in on my locale...well the little grab hand also pops the pin. When I was ready to pin pop there were no pins.
So my suggestion is to use the plus...minus.. .up...down...z oom in...zoom out controls on the upper left in the map screen till your ready to drop that pin...then position the grab hand and put the tail on the pony.


I can't seem to find the map. Is it in a different place? Please help me.


Scott Hamilton:
It's on the left hand menu...

Scott, I had to use the little l and r buttons in the very upper right screen to move things over.




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