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Scott Hamilton:
The PCCA/ Admins have been proud to provide this Forum as a public service dedicated to the Ford Pinto Mercury Bobcat enthusiast. This Forum has been established to allow the sharing of knowledge, and a convenient and friendly place to ask questions. It has helped many a frustrated Pinto/ Bobcat owner.
However, there are some rules . . .
This Forum is not to be used by people -- anonymous, fictitious or otherwise -- to post mis-information, derogatory comments, endorsements, or describe illegal acts. If any comment is made without a valid name and/or e-mail address (Anonymous), it's validity is automatically suspect. Please provide a name and/or valid e-mail address -- if you do not; your post is subject to scrutiny and/or removal.
This Forum is not to be used to start and/or conduct arguments.
This Forum is not to be used for sarcastic comments (especially to those who don't know as much as you think you know).
This Forum is not to be used by those who conduct themselves in a manner less than appropriate for a family audience.
This Forum is not to be used for blatant promotion of any organization or individual or product without prior approval of the Administrators . (
This Forum is for sharing information and promoting discussions on This Forum -- cross-posting or linking to other discussions (being that the question originated here) is not allowed. Individuals should not have to link to any other site to get their answer. However, providing an answer here, and then referencing the source (another site, for example) is acceptable.
This Forum is not to be used for vendors to advertise products or items for sale; or to conduct giveaways (or any other similar activity) in order to promote the selling or public awareness of items for sale. If you are a vendor and have a product to sell, contact the for information on how you can promote your product or service.
This Forum is not to be used to "bash" vendors. Fair, mature criticism is acceptable; however a "bashing" frenzy will not be allowed.
This Forum is not to be used to spread slanderous, libelous, misleading, derogatory and similar negative information about individuals.
This Forum is not to be used to communicate in a sarcastic manner -- no matter what the situation.
This Forum is not to be used for off-topic or off-color posts -- treat each other with respect.
This Forum is not to be used to post profanity; 3-letter words; 4-letter words; or just about anything that is not suitable for children.
This Forum is not to be used by those who cannot or refuse to follow these rules.
From time to time, you may notice that some posts are removed (or even edited -- though this is rare) . . . all such posts will have met one or more of the above criteria. If you see a post that you feel should be removed (or edited), you are welcome to e-mail the and include the subject of the post.
Please also understand that extraneous posts add to the physical size of the Board, and thus it takes longer to download. Extra garbage means a slow Forum. Not everyone has 56K (or faster) connections. Be sure your post is worth posting. Likewise, long subject headings add to the physical size of the Forum, and thus your subject line should be concise (brief, yet descriptive).
Please read through the Forum and join-in on a topic in progress before starting a repeat of the same topic (in other words, look below -- your question might already be answered). We also have a powerful search function -- learn to use it.
Above all, please enjoy this Forum!
But treat it well. And if you don't like it, there's other places that probably suit you better.
Remember, Shiny is Good!


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