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Scott Hamilton: Contact Information

Mailing Address for WebMaster, General Address,
108 Autumn Branch Dr
Madison, Alabama 35757

Email address to all the admins of the site:

Carolina Boy:
Scott, is this the address I would use to become a paying member of

Carolina Boy

Scott Hamilton:
In your profile there is a link 'Paid Subscriptions' that you can order Charter Membership-

PM me if you have any issues...

Carolina Boy:
I don't use paypal or credit cards on line. Is there a place I can mail in my payment? I use cashier checks from my bank. This is a great site and bunch of people and I want to be a bigger part in it.

Carolina Boy

If you want to be a member ASAP, I can Paypall the fee, and then you can send me a check!!! 

Let me know if you want to do it that way. Also Scott, let us both know if we can do that? !! LOL



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