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Carolina Boy:
Thank you pretty lady. :embarrassed: (From Smokey and the Bandit) :lol: Let's see what Scott says.

Carolina Boy

Scott Hamilton:
Well.....   If you did that pintogirl- with the new setup- the CMship would be associated with your account and I would manually need to fix it anyway....

You can send a Check to the address above (put your member name on the check)...  We have several that do this but I don't send re-up notices out... It's up to you to re-up next year (if you want to)..

You Guys!


Carolina Boy:
Thanks and I will get a check off Monday morning.

Giggle, Giggle,
Carolina Boy ;D

Carolina Boy:
Scott, I finally got out of the house today and sent off my membership check. As you know, I am recovering from surgery and today I felt good enough to go to the post office. I have never wanted to join a better bunch of people than yall. I hope I can standup to your standards for

Robert Sharpe
Carolina Boy

You hope you can "stand up" to our standards? I think you've already exceeded them. An early "Welcome aboard" to you.



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