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Same here, my friend...  :welcome:  aboard!
Dwayne :smile:

Carolina Boy:
OH GOSH, don't embarrass me! :embarrassed:

Scott Hamilton:
Ahhh... He said 'Standards' ....  HA HA.. HEH EH...

Here is a Early Welcome from the 'Big Guy' if you can call me that- But I really don't have many 'standards' ...:)

Carolina Boy:
I can wait, oh Glorius Founder of this Heavenly Website filled with Pinto Angels :angel:

Carolina Boy:

--- Quote from: Scott Hamilton on July 07, 2006, 06:58:28 PM Contact Information

Mailing Address for WebMaster, General Address,
C\O Scott Hamilton
108 Autumn Branch Drive
Madison, Alabama 35757

Email address to all the admins of the site:

--- End quote ---

Scott, Is this the address still for sending in Newal for Charter Memberships?



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