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Charter Member Cleanup

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Scott Hamilton:
Hey Guys.. It's time I cleaned up the Charter Membership list now that we have an automated system that works very well.
I will be removing older Charter Members that have been long gone and generally cleaning up the list.. if you need to re-up your subscription link is in your profile.
We have some cool things coming down the pike with the Pinto Times, Carlisle and other things... this is the first step..
PM me if anyone has any issues ASAP so we can look into it...  all smiles!

Scott Hamilton:
OK- I had a friend on the site help me an go through all the Charter Members and clean up everything.. There are always a few that were removed but it was in error-

PM me ASAP so we can look into this for you...  It's all good,

Thanks for your understanding in getting all this straight... It was a bear to accomplish,


I was a VIP now I'm clean.. But I'm a "official Charter Person too"! cause I paid into the membership Dues!  :drunk: 8)

 Pintosopher, A cleaner horses behind!

Scott Hamilton:
Hey Joe,

You are both.. your user just retained the last label applied to it..  your VIP status is still applied as well with all the perks..

Thanks scott for Fixing mine. its very appriciated to have the perks and what not that i had before =) I hope everyone noted weather or not they are still a Charter member =)


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