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PCCA Mini Meet- "THE OHIO GET TOGETHER" July 12th 2008

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    Re. The Ohio Get Together, and meet in Middlefield Ohio

    The available dates are,   July 12, 08  and  July 26, 08

    I didn't commit to either date, and I still have time.  I wanted some feedback from you fellow pinto owners.  I have time, but only a few weeks, get back to me A.S.A.P.

    My thinking is I'd take the 12th, with the 26th as a rain date,  Please some feedback and / or interest.  Reply here [I will look daily] and or email me at  JIMSFINEFORDS@YAHOO.COM

   I havn't answered any of the guys that already emailed me  [you know who you are]  because I want / need to see some responce here FIRST

   I think the idea of getting together is fantastic, not only am I excited about it, so is everyone else that was at the meeting last saturday.  If we can pull this off, I will [try to] have the news papers and etc there for coverage,  A Trophy for the greatest distance, Best pinto etc.  Whatever it takes !

   Again, contact me or post here A.S.A.P.     Jim at  jimspinto    Email again is   JIMSFINEFORDS@YAHOO.COM

id be interested in that.  i do work saturdays though so do you have a rough time in mind?

Are you interested in any type of Pinto? I could clean my dragcar up and do a little work on the interior and it should be show worthy. It's about a 4 hour drive up there from Ripley, but my mom and dad are on vacation that week (July 12) and might consider making a nice little trip out of it.


I will do either day. I spoke with my wife about it this morning, and though she isn't willing to spend the time in the car to get there, she thinks it's a great idea. I'm in.

If I still live in Ohio, I will be there.  As far as I know, I should be able to bring both cars, though they are not exactly "show" quality.


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