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--- Quote from: dga57 on May 17, 2018, 08:13:19 PM ---That's right... the Runabout (not Roundabout) is a hatchback, whereas the sedan had a traditional trunk instead.  Now that you've added it to your poll, I have voted.

Dwayne :)

--- End quote ---

Roundabout...l ol oops, typo.

Thanks for the verification Dwayne. When I was reading about the differences, I read that the Bobcat initially had a Sedan too. However it was only available in the Canadian made version. Bobcat Sedans were never produced in the US, only Runabouts and Wagons. 

1971 pinto sedan ex road race
1972 pinto sedan factory pink
1973 pinto runabout  turbo 2.0
1979 pinto wagon parts

1972 chevy nova sky roof
1990 dodge daytoma shelby
2010 dodge ram 4x4
2003 cbrysler 300m
1982 toyota supra L type
1982 volvo 240 turbo
Last 2 are my kids cars.

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I have a 1971 trunk sedan in white.

I have a 79 runabout project.
I have a 74 wagon project.

Non Pintos-
I have a 72 Ranchero project (was my daily driver until it had some issues)
And a 2010 Subaru Forester that is the only driver at this point.


I have my 1977 Mercury Bobcat (it runs but badly)

Also, I have 1958 Chevy Apache but my daily is a 2016 Frontier.

I want to get the Pinto up to be a daily driver.


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