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What Stock Engine was the best in your opinion?

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Scott Hamilton:
Stock engine guys...  Love those V8s though...
I'm a 2000cc guy..

My Ruby's 1600 speaks for itself... built Ford tough! ;D

I can't imagine enjoying a 1.6 or 2.0, cause I know how sluggish the 2.3 was. However, I must say I have never driven a Pinto that did not have the 2.3...

You're right Becky, the 1600 was a damn good engine that came straight from the english ford Cortina's. The 2000 would spank a 2300 hands down.

Jerry merrill:
I had a 2000 in a 72 when it was new, with only a header it was the fastest 4 cyl of its time.


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