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What Stock Engine was the best in your opinion?

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C. M. Wolf:
I personally favor the 2.8.. but I prefer the 74-makes & later.. they were the engines made in Cologne, Germany & contracted by Ford.. I favor these mostly because I have a good idea of what they can be built to do & are capable of.. "Pound for Pound", only the 302's can be built to get better numbers than the built 2.8 Cologne engines. Then put some very good/matching gearing & tire-ratio behind it, & these cars simply will scream!


C. M. Wolf

That is what I have in my pinto , but warmed up a tad , and used a Bronco II 2.9 crank in it , now wished I just used the whole 2.9 , but check out my photos of it in the pinto members gallery, one the would be nice and a bolt in on the pinto is the 2.9 24 valve cossworth ,

In 1979 I lived in Israel on kibbutz.  I rode to work everyday in a 12 passenger ford van with a 2.0. I can not tell you anything about that engine as I was not knowledgeable about mechanics at the time. It could handle a full load with no trouble.


C. M. Wolf:
Hello Everyone..

It may please some here to know.. that the Ford 2000cc engines were also made in Germany! ;)
I thought there was something good about those engines.. well, along with the later supplied 2.8l,(V-6 engines.. 74 and later), these were made in Colonge Germany,(known for they're iron casting foundries & milling/assembly plants).

That's maybe another reason they hold up so well to the turbo-pressures.. :D


well...had all of the engines at some point in my first generation trunk, hatch and wagon bodied Pintos! Love the small bumper cars...all engines have good features...the 1600cc Kent was a tought! the 2000cc would rev like crazy...the 2.3L carb turbo was amazing. the 2800cc sounded good and lots of low end torque! Now, I have to say...the best sounding engine is the V8! Hands Down!


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