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What Stock Engine was the best in your opinion?

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2.3 because the EFI Turbo is at the top,( fit right in  my Pinto) note if you add the 2.0 twin cam turbo ( not legal in some states) then I'd say the 2.0 twin cam turbo.......I mean really if there was something wrong with the 2.3m, Ford would have killed it after the gas crisis , instead of using it for what almost 30 years.  Like the Chevy I-4 in Vega. AKA.  the self melting engine.

2.0, all day.

2.0 for me.  They are screamers.  Add a aluminum flywheel, driveshaft, and T-5 tranny and you won't have to even soup up motor.  high 14's all day and get 32 mpg at 70mph.

Stock production engine I would have to go with the 2.0l in a 72 Runabout with a 4-speed. They respond to simple mods well...carb, header and exhaust make them a screamer!

have to say 71 with 4 speed , I think 71 and 72 have the highest compression , then they started to lower close to 73 and last year 74,  had the stock 3.55 rear end gears ,D-60-13s ,headers with 2" pipe to the back and a re-curved distributor , and one of the first crain cams that cam out , the early 240Z guys always hatted me  :)


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