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What Pinto Model was the best in your opinion?

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If it was my only car, it would have to be the standard wagon.  I had one and it was fairly useful.   For a general run around town car or for road trips, I like the coupe version, a 77 or 78.

Any Pinto that is still on the road or on the race track no matter what model or year.  Those will always be the best for me.

Have to agree with pintoman1972 on any pinto is good ,, the runabout is kind of in the middle , good for stuffing a pile of stuff , the trunk if you want to hide things from sight ,(small things)  the wagon is the best , pack it up and haul stuff , better is the cruser wagon , hide a lot of stuff that you packed uo to haul , got both  ;D

Lonny Candel:
The Bobcat might as well be my favorite especially in the sedan/Runabout. The reason that I say this is that I came across a 76 Pinto sedan with the V6, and I chose to keep my 78 Bobcat over the 76 Pinto. The Pinto's engine was rebuilt in 2003, and the car had been entered in a couple car shows. The exhuast sounded like a little hot rod. It even had an engine block heater! The guy that I bought it from didn't really take care of it. He seemed like he had inherited it from his father-in-law who had done the work on it. It had an electric fuel pump in it that was leaking, and was in the engine bay next to the intake manifold! Luckily it didn't catch on fire. He had a huge speaker box in the back that covered the entire width of the back side to side with an amp. The car gave me issues: it would lose charge so I had to jump it every day; it stalled on me a couple of times in traffic, and at the time of the stall, it felt like it was not getting fuel (it was crawling down the road in 2nd/3rd gear). The car was an automatic.

I was thinking of replacing the 76 Pinto with the 78 Bobcat, but I didn't want to deal with another car with fuel issues. I had just spent a lot of money on a 76 Chevette with fuel issues that I never could fully resolve. I ended up selling the 76 Pinto after having it for a month. I kept the Bobcat, and had its 2.3L engine rebuilt with a Ranger cam. I like the 75 to 78 Bobcats b/c of the rarity of them even though Pintos are rare too. They seem like they are very far and few in between.

I recently came across a 77 Bobcat that is junked, and does not have a title. If I can get it, I may have it listed on this sight.  It has about 93,000 on the OD. It has no cylinder key lock. It has the 2.3L with a/c, and the full window hatchback. Faded mint green with surface rust mostly on the roof of the car. I think it can only be used for parts. According to the State of Colorado's DMV website, a car must be older than 1975 to get a rebuilt title for it. What a dumb law. But maybe in some other state, it would be possible to get a rebuilt title. :D

I've only driven only two different pintos, my 74 runabout, and my parent's 72 wagon. To say that one model or another is the best would be to invite an argument.
Each clearly has it's place and it's best use according to it's owners needs. That said, I have very much enjoyed my runabout during the time it was my daily driver.


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