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What Pinto Model was the best in your opinion?

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Scott Hamilton:
Added BobCat- it's a Pinto too!!

I have had two Runabouts and one sedan but would really like to have a 77 Squire Wagon. That was the family car my parents had in the 80s and if I could get one just like it I would in a heartbeat.. Even if it meant giving up my 77 sedan & 80 Runabout.

Cruising Wagon!! I guess I am a bit bias.If I had another id like a 79/80 Rallye like mrskydog's.

78 Cruising Wagon with the favorite car of all time, and the car I met my wife in!

old 1973:
I personally would have to say that I like all pinto's,by I would have to say my favorite would be the 73 squire wagon,because I own one!   (Don)


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