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What is the coolest year model, what do you think?

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Scott Hamilton:
Some folks are into the Big Bumpers as opposed to the Small... Does size matter?  Ahh, Scott- where are you going with this?  :)

Ha, I am just going down the line voting for my Pinto's qualities. I think the 79/80 front end looks more aggresive than any other year, and that is why I voted for it. Second favorite would have to be the '76's, with the rectangular turn signals that "float" at either end of the grill.

75-78 BOBCAT!!!


--- Quote from: bbobcat75 on September 05, 2012, 03:33:14 PM ---75-78 BOBCAT!!!

--- End quote ---

Scott Hamilton:
You are right- the Bobcat needs it's place too...
I have added this to the poll...



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