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This one is for Daily Pinto drivers- How many rubber neckers?

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My Pinto has gotten a lot of parking lot phone/photo action.  Otto N Austin 

Almost everytime I drive the car people ask me about it and talk to me about how they had one and ran it for 100,000 miles etc. I talked to a guy who lives in my town with a '67 Mustang and he started talking about my car as he had seen it around. ( I had my big truck at the time).  Pintos are amazing conversation items. BTW Matt, a VW bus is much slower up a hill than our Pintos!
 (The old air cooled ones)

I had Ruby parked for the Cruisin' Grand car thing in Escondido and-I swear- I saw a couple driving a mid-'70s 'Vette rubberneck my Pinto! Sweet!  ;D


--- Quote from: pintosopher on September 06, 2012, 11:48:55 AM ---When My 72 racer actualy was licensed for street use, I drove to autocross events. On one return trip from Sacto to Napa, I engaged a  modified Corvette owner in a strategic "cat and mouse" chase thru Sunday afternoon traffic, I won and he made point of coming alongside and gave me the BIG thumbs up! Of course, this was highly illegal and I'm sure shockeda few commuters too! ;)

--- End quote ---

i put a new head on mine one morning and wasout for a 'test' drive on the 60 freeway in the la area. stopped at a Denny's for breakfast.
the onramp to the freeway was a bit over 1/4 mile long; a sweeper to the right as it merged. i was going about 105 when i merged and as it turned out, the only rubber necker that noticed was a CHP guy that i finally noticed about another mile down the road!
he was a pinto fan.  had one at home and couldn't have been more enthusiastic about talking to me about how dam fast i had it going.  (he said he was at 110 and accellerating)
moral of the story? run fast on the track ond NOT on the street.  by the way. he didn't write me up!

At least 2 a day as I drive my 76 trunk type as a daily driver. The previous owner did a rattle can black paint job with 2 red stripes. So SHINEY IT IS NOT. I have had people stop dead in the middle of an intersection to yell "A PINTO' while giving me a thumbs up.


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