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Pinto Owners, Car Shows, Do you Attend?

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Scott Hamilton:
What do you think? Are you a Car buff that attends anything related to cars in your area and 200 miles around or are you just milidly intrested in shows etc, you just like to drive your Pinto.

I am not a waxer,more of a function over form guy.
The 79 Turbo wagon gets interest and its not even
close to finished. It wears the original 79 paint
and is getting the 2.3T suckthru setup.A
T5 and the 8.8 with 4.10s are ready to install.

The 72 302 car will get attn but it hasnt been out of the shop yet.
It has been parked since I got it while we finish up the other
9( thats correct) projects. I am a sucker for a good deal on any Ford.

We have a local small show on the first Friday of
every month at the Deli and there is one on the 3rd Sat
of the month next to the Sonic.It is 4 miles to either and
people come from 60-70 miles for both.

I always tell people... I'm not a car guy, I'm a computer geek with a passion for Pinto's. With that said I consider my cars drivers but some are a little bit shiny. I go to the shows (15 of them this year and 2 parades) but my reason has more to do with the Pinto Stampede and raising awareness and donations for the Wounded Warrior Project on a local level vs wanting to show off my Pintos. I find myself enjoying the ones I travel longer distance to go to and have more to offer than just a car show. If I can add in a night of camping along with the show, all the better.

The Pinto I drive the most to the shows is my "Wounded Pinto" and trust me... it ain't shiny, pulls in a-smoking a bit and marks it's spot with the oil it leaks :)

Personally, I love a good car show and I used to attend and participate in lots of them.  Unfortunately, the health issues of several of my family members have prevented me from being able to do that for the past several years.  Hope to get back to is someday!
Dwayne :)

I have been to three shows with my Pinto since I bought it.(1.75 years) Not a "SHOW CAR",but a daily driver with original paint/GII stripes/and yes rust! Still,was only Pinto in shows(100+ cars),and got LOTS of + looks and Pinto stories.Just a great way to have fun with our somewhat"RARE"toys.  Otto N Austin


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