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Pinto Owners, Car Shows, Do you Attend?

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I go to car shows but more often than not the Pinto is broke down so it generally stays at home.

Well, Matty, I'm hoping your (and your Pintos) luck will be changing for the better. I'm finding that, while it's alright to go to shows with other Pintos in them (the eye candy is great, and so is hanging with the Pintop Peeps) but there's nothing quite like being the only Pinto, or only bone-stock Pinto- in a car show. THe only reason I go to these is because my Ruby RedHot brings so many smiles to peoples' faces that it really gives me a natural high. People actually stop by and THANK me for putting my Pinto in the show, and more than one person has claimed that my car was their favorite in each show. At Carlisle I was very very humbled at the awards me and my lil' dynamo got- mostly because I did not expect them, and not so sure I deserved them... but I have to say this-  the happiness my car brings to people at these hot rod and classic car shows comes pretty close. Not bad for a car that "everyone had but nobody liked", huh!?

the bobcat goes with me to about 10% of shows i go to. A lot of times im working during the shows around here so i stop by for about an hour when i get a chance. if i worked less im sure the bobcat would go 90% of the time.

I think I am siding more with Becky on this one!

You know, actually, the most joy I get is not at a car show, but when I am going down the freeway and I hear a "toot toot" and look over and see a real big smile and a thumbs up!  Sometimes I get a shout out, "I love your car!"

I used to get made fun of driving a Pinto, but no more!!


I'll be doing the Street Machine Nationals on Sept.29th if anyone wants
to stop by and say hi. It's not a show car, but I really like my Pinto.


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