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Pinto Owners, Car Shows, Do you Attend?

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I understand... I've been there myself.  What I have going on at the moment however, has me more excited than I've been in years!  I'm looking forward to doing some car shows starting, probably, next Spring.

Dwayne :)

I go rarely and it's just to look around, not necessarily to enter.  I'd rather drive and smile when photos are taken of car on freeway.  Not the safest thing I witnessed but not bright either on other drivers part

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I did have a good time at the last car show I went to, was just checking the website of the club that organized it,
and they have a terrific overview of their show at the main page of their website; www.taunusmclu .
So here's the contest, find Donkey on this page!
I do think there is different kinds of shows though, I don't like the "fill town square in between the carnival and the harvest fair" kind of shows, that draw the same knowledgeable public as the other events.
I also don't like the posh vintage car events with owners on a champagne hangover that are actually going to drive their polished classics in the wild, endanger fellow road users, and call this a rally.
But that's just my personal opinion, there's shows to suit anybody's taste, be pickey!
Dwayne, you are getting me curious with your new project!


--- Quote from: 72DutchWagon on August 20, 2016, 02:50:54 PM ---
Dwayne, you are getting me curious with your new project!

--- End quote ---

If all goes according to plan, it will be coming to full fruition within the next thirty days!  And this time, computer ignorance aside, pictures WILL be posted!!!

Dwayne ;D

they have a car show once a month here in liberty,lots of really nice rides,i got to all of the cruise ins at pettys garage.when i pull in, love to see all those heads turn.the 2012 stampede was great glad we went.


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