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I've had a lot of time on my ands due to summer break, and i've been saving up, so i've been thinking about engines.

can you still get a restpectable amount of power out of the 2.3 naturally aspirated?  Mostly I've heard that they are only powerful with turbos.

302 or 5.0L now that is a tough choice.....or perhaps not. ;D

carbed 302, or the fuel injected 5.0 :P

Has anyone considered a 2011 up Mustang 3.7 and 6 speed?  305 HP, over 30 mpg.  There is room for the 3.5 Eco Boost for that matter, more $$$.  The 3.7 should put a Pinto solid into the 12's and still get over 30 mpg! 
UPDATE:  Found an afordable 3.7 with the 6 speed manual.  Looks like the 2.0 4 speed is adios. Well, after I make more progress on the house remodel, and the 54 F100 panel (4.6 mk 8, '06 crown vic front suspension) 67 ranchero, 65 F100 SW 390 5 speed, 78 el camino, I got weak, 27 TTouring project only so far, and back to the 72 Runabout.  DD is ford edge. 


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