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should bolt right in.  maybe a little 'snip' here & there.

Anyone ever see one of these?

74 PintoWagon:
Seen quite a few of them, could have bought one for a $100 once but didn't have anything to put it in, lol.. Guy I know restored a classic a while back.

Those Allisons are/were somewhat popular with tractor pullers. Seems like a waste to me.

Anyway, I voted for the 5.0L and would have voted the 2.3T as a second. The right mix of stock 2.3T parts can be pushed to ~300rwhp when you really turn the screws, but beyond that it's not cheaper than upgrading a 5.0L until the 5.0L block becomes a serious liability(~500rwhp).

The 2.3T is easier to put in a Pinto, though. That's what I want to eventually put in mine.


--- Quote from: jonz2pinto on April 29, 2014, 05:42:22 PM ---as far as stock goes the 2.0 in early sedans were fastest to me. 2.8 w/4speed 3.40gears(in either) in early sedan would be sweet.   

--- End quote ---

I'm insane, so I'm sticking with the 2.0. :) Wish mine was a 4 speed (at least), as it does like to wind out. Overdrive would be nice, though, for the commute to work. :)


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