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The Pinto vs Maverick Car Show Challenge 2019, Saturday August 24th

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At this point the show is a go. Go to Ford Horns and Hooves Facebook page for more info.

Itís coming up! Itís August 13, 2022 this year! We need to overcome the Mavericks this year! Címon and bring your ponies!

Happy Motoring,

New to the forum here, but planning on going to Geneva to see the show!  Also hoping to find an '80 to get me back into the scene.
Drive safe

Welcome aboard!!!  We're so happy to have you join us.  I've not ever made it to the Pinto vs Maverick Show in Ohio, but from everything I've heard it's great event!  Be sure to report back with details of your adventure and who knows, maybe you'll connect with someone there who can lead you to that '80 you're looking for!

Dwayne :)

The event is a blast. If my house had sold I would have had a wagon and been there with it. Instead I am staying local since too much going on at home to drive 3 hours to then come home.


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