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Author Topic: Pinto Stampede Gathering. March 1st, Concourse De Lemons, Fernandina Beach Fla.  (Read 21708 times)

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Attention Stampeders and Newcomers,
The Pinto Stampede will join up and meet Friday March 1st at the Concourse De Lemons, 14 North Fletcher Avenue Fernandina Beach, FL 32034.
The show runs from 1:00-5:00 pm. So you cand rive in the morning, enjoy the show. Hang out with the other Pintos and head back Saturday afternoon after a morning drive together along the coast.
Register here,
contact me if you want to stay with us at the hotel Friday night as I am securing a block of rooms.  Em ail me at
If you have never been with us, Hope to see you at the Show with a Pinto.
Norm Bagi
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Thanks for posting this Norm. Have not been to a Pinto event in a long time, Planning to be there... :)

Edit:(010324) FYI, other responsibiliti es prevented me from attending. Hope everyone has a great time!  :)
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Any idea how many Pinto's will be attending? We are hoping to be there for at least one day as a Pinto Stampede is on our bucket list.
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