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Dave's 1974 Original at Darryl Starbird Show, 2003, Tulsa OK


This was my first car show. I was disappointed in the class they put me in, "'70's Restored/Original". I didn't hold a candle to a frame-off restoration, but I was the only Pinto in 1200 cars! Not too many guy's had one-off's at this show.
I had an absolute blast talking to people about their Pinto stories, as everyone has one. I was located between a meticulously restored '66 Mustang and a Funny Car/ Dragster father/son team. They were all mad at me because I absolutely stole the conversation. I had so much fun, wore myself hoarse talking.
I attended the 29th Annual Ford Performance and Shelby Meet in Tulsa in the summer, no pics from this show. It was an all Ford show and I placed runner-up in my class, this time "70 and up Special Interest", among about 700 mostly Shelby Mustangs. Once again, the only Pinto!

WOA WOA WOA WOA WOA is all I got to say ;D

I wish i would have gone now. I didnt go this year because the year before i thought the admission was to high. It just wasnt worth it. Any way i will probably go next year. Nice pinto. Do you drive it around at all or is it just a toy.

Anyway. Hope to see you at some shows. 8)


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