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2021 Pinto Stampede

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I received an e-mail from the trail boss planning the Pinto Stampede announcing that the main show for Ford Development Center have been cancelled due to COVID-19,  where the Pinto Stampede was to participate at the end of the convoy. Fords of all ages and models were expected to attend. However, he stated that the Stampede group is still hoping to proceed, albeit a smaller show as over 70 Pintos have registered, and in his previous e-mails, he had anticipated about a hundred to register.  His e-mail is attached below, and you can visit the PintoStampede. com for further information:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Some of you already heard we suffered a minor setback as the Ford PDC car show has been cancelled due to Covid 19.  We have had setbacks before and this is nothing new.  Today I was going to send out all the hotel information, I will still do that around the beginning of next week once we digest this bit of news and improve the event.
Now for the plan!
The Pinto Stampede is full on for the ď50th Anniversary, Pilgrimage to DearbornĒ.   
We will have a dream cruise and invade Dearborn, the birthplace of the Ford Pinto in force.  We will start out in the morning and visit many sites like the abandoned Model T plant where over a million were produced, many items will be added to this dream cruise such as possible visits to Edselís mansion for a tour and drive along the scenic waterway. Visit to the Henry Ford Mansion, after we see the sights we will park our cars at a venue to be determined where we will host our own Pinto car show.  Possible locations are the Automotive Hall of Fame, Henry Ford Museum, etc.  We are working on this all now.  Trust me we will make this better than it was as it will now be all about the Pinto.  Many of the people at Ford are working alongside us to make this all happen as they are just as upset and want to make this right.
Now we will also be able to hold our own fundraiser for the Michael J. Fox Parkinsons foundation, so we intend to have a raffle or 50/50, whatever we come up with, we will also help out this cause.
I know some of you had your hearts set on the PDC show, so did I.  If the shows cancellation is a deal breaker, please email me and I will take you off the list.  If you are still coming, then donít do a thing news will be forthcoming and the plan is still to Stampede to Dearborn.  Please be patient, I will be away Friday-Sunday without access to information, so if I donít reply right away, Monday I will be back in effect.
Sorry for the bad news, but we will turn this into something even bigger and better.
Norman Bagi
"Trail Boss"

In addition to the Pinto Stampede e-mail above, I also received an e-mail from the Ford Professional Development (FPD) stating the cancellation of their show, while adding a short comment about the Pinto's portion of the show.  I was surprised to hear that they had planned to exhibit the designing and development of the Pinto as part of the show (thinking Ford wants to distance themselves from the Pinto).  That would have been an interesting exhibit to see.  Pinto Stampede leaders stated their plan to see if this display still could be shared for the Pinto Club members as the Stampede is still going to take place...I will keep you posted, as I know this would be of great interest to attendees, and possibly those on this website.

Here's the e-mail from FPD:

Dear PDC Show Family,
We have received direction from Fordís internal Care Team Ė who monitors COVID-related issues Ė that we will not be allowed to conduct the 2021 PDC Show as scheduled.  On behalf of the staff, we are deeply disappointed that we cannot produce the event, to which we were all looking forward, especially because of last yearís cancellation.  In addition to the 50th of Pinto, we had finalized the theme and arranged for many never-before-shown feature vehicles from which to learn.  We were also planning to address the major issues of social distancing and masks, but this was not enough to affect the decision.
Though we considered rescheduling to much later in the season, we were advised that we would face a similar risk of cancellation.  We do not want to further affect the schedules of our participants by assuming this risk, so we will instead prepare for the return of the show on July 15, 2022.  We will, of course, send you registration request information later this year for the 2022 show.
We apologize and thank you for your continued support and in advance for your understanding and future interest in participating in our event next year.
Ford PDC Truck and Car Show Committee

PDC is Product Development Center.   Just being accurate....   

[DTmix quote   I was surprised to hear that they had planned to exhibit the designing and development of the Pinto as part of the show (thinking Ford wants to distance themselves from the Pinto).

      Dtmix, we have a strong advocate for the Pinto at Ford, Dave Glickman , who puts on the Product Development show. Last October Dave invited me to a once in a lifetime Car Show at the soon to be demolished Ford Product Development Center Courtyard. it was an honor to display my Pinto where clay models since 1955 first saw sunlight. Dave also made sure I got to chat with the new Ford CEO ,Jim Farley. The attached pic is from an internal Ford document.   

People working at Ford are no different than any other place.  There are car hobby people and non-car hobby people.   Most people there are way younger than me (I'm 55) and do not even know what a Pinto looks like.   They also don't recognize a Mustang II  and sometimes ask me what it is & then say "oh that's why there's a pony in the grill".    At the PDC show, most of the people that show up are the car hobby type - almost everybody there appreciates any older cars especially Fords.  Non informed people everywhere tend to insert the narrative they have been taught (ie- Pintos are bad cars) -  my kids have had a Pinto (or two) in various stages of restoration since they were 6, they think they are cool cars..   It's too bad the show is off, its always nice to see a group of one car model there.   


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