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2021 Fabulous Fords Forever

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Registrations are open for the 2021 Fabulous Fords Forever, June 13, 2021 at Irwindale Speedway.

Sadly, that's on the opposite coast from mine...I would not be able to attend.  Bummer!

Be sure to take pics and let us know how it was!

Happy Motoring!

Hard to believe it was 12 years ago I went to Knotts 2009. There was quite a turn out of Pinto's. I'm guessing 25-30??? I didn't have mine on the road yet  :( . The late Fred Morgan and I swapped brake/clutch pedals (my late for his early). Pintony had possession of the Mizar prototype and I had a chance to briefly sit in it. What ever became of that???

This year being the event is at Irwindale does anyone know if they are charging for admission (for spectators) or parking? When I was at Knott's admission was free as was the parking free at Sears. The Mopar club had an impromptu swapmeet/show at Irwindale recently and I think anyone entering had to pay $10.

I don't see any parking fee, but spectators 13 years old and up are $15. Showing your car is $45. I'll be taking pics, but I've had no luck attaching them to a post.

So just a reminder, the pinto is being featured this year for its 50th birthday and 5 cars (selected) will be in that area. If you would like to attend, please register asap.

Cut off is May 14th.

Usually, we meet before for some breakfast but I need to figure out a good place. If you are interested, email me at, and ill keep you posted.


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