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2018 Pinto Stampede

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Finally in my neighborhood(again).Sadly no more Pintos,had to let all four go.I live right off Asheville Hwy(nice and curvy) in Greene County.Still have a few parts left like fenders  and hood for 79-80 model,crank back moonroof and weber 38/38 on stock 2.3 intake(plus some glass).If anyone wants them for free contact me at have not been here for at least a year so I am sure to have missed some things.

Had a great time! It was a blast getting to meet you all!
Here's the TV coverage from Nashville!

I am in Denver. I had my car back then, but I did not know about the event when it was here. I would love to see you on this side of the map again.

A Great Time was had by all!



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