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2018 Pinto Stampede Video

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The 2019 Pinto Stampede had concluded. Planning for next year had begun! Here is a video I made of last years 2018 Pinto Stampede. Hope it inspires you to join us in 2020.

Thank you flash for another
Great video !
I am restoring a 1979 crusing
When I bought it in a red primer
Paint tag showes it was silver
My question is did the 1979
Have the option for the type 7
Graphics package like yours?

Scott Hamilton:

Excellent, Excellent video!!

Anyone that is thinking about joining a Stampede, it's a no brainer- just do it.

Thank you Scott! Next years Stampede is tentatively planned to start in Alabama next June. So we expect you to attend!
  Spacecowboy, I don't think 79 had the graphics package like mine.

1972 Wagon:
Great video! I felt like I was part of the Stampede. Thanks for posting it.


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