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2017 Pinto Stampede

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Norman Bagi:
Ladies and Gentlemen,

In our 7th year we will be returning to the PDC car show at Ford in Dearborn.  It is an honor to be asked once to attend, but we have been blessed to have been asked to return.  For those that were there, it was a blast, for those that missed it you get one more shot. We all ready have 21 pinto's / Bobcats signed up so don't miss out.

This year our Stampede will be in and around Dearborn and Detroit.  With more than we can possibly see in just a few days, we will take in the sites and history of the Meca-Car-Capitol.  At the PDC we have the Henry Ford and Greenfield Village, for those who haven't visited these.  These are two of the greatest museums in the world and walking distance of the show. However, there is so much more, The Model T museum, The Automotive Hall of Fame, Factory Tours, Etc.

The Dates:
Wednesday July 12th, 2017, Mini Stampedes around town to visit Museums and sites.
Thursday July 13th, 2017, Mini Stampedes around town to visit Museums and sites.
Friday July 14th, 2017, The PDC (Product Development Center) Car Show.

So our journey will also be our destination.  We will meet Tuesday evening at the Hotel (to be determined in the coming weeks), then Wednesday morning we travel together to various Ford and car enthusiast locations. It will continue on Thursday culminating with the Car Show on Friday.  After which we have sufficient time to get home before work on Monday.

If you wish to attend, please send me an email with all your contact information to the email address below.  If you all ready have, then this email confirms you are on the list for future updates and information.

I look forward to going back and seeing all we missed, I am working on making this event bigger and better than the last.

Norman Bagi
"Trail Boss"
cell 646-408-7526


       Cant wait that was soooo much fun the last time. And again If You Missed it last time to go on ford property Dont miss this Time


Norman Bagi:
"Important Stampede information!"

I have just received information that the deadline for registration for the Ford Employee Car Show is May 1st, 2017.

If you have registered with me, you are fine and I will keep you up to date on information.

If you have not registered and want to join the Stampede, please contact me at before April 24,2017 so I can submit our full list of participants.

Thank you,

Norman Bagi

Norman Bagi:
Just a reminder, if you want to join, the deadline for the Ford show is May 1st so time is running out to join the Stampede.  Hotel information was sent out as well.  So if interested, send an email to

Otherwise, hear all the great stories and see all the great pics online later.

Haven't done anything fun for a long time. I am really considering this. Will have a decision by tonight since the 4/24 deadline is approaching.


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