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Hopefully this year I will be able to finish my turbo Pinto after a long break, doing house renovations, work, school, etc. I'm finishing up the wiring for the engine and the rest of the car. I rewired the entire car with an EZ wire kit. All has been rather straight forward and going nicely. Although I have one wire in the factory engine harness I cannot figure out exactly where it goes, and the harness was cut at the pigtail for the alternator. The wire is a Red with Light Blue stripe. From what I can tell from the diagrams I have, this is for the starting and charging system, but it doesn't state in any of them exactly where it leads. I'm assuming on the alternator but I'm not sure on which terminal. I have the rest of the alternator connections figured out but this wire is causing me some problems. Does anyone know where it goes? I really don't want to hook this up the wrong way and fry something. This is one of the last connections before I have everything ready to try and fire this thing up in the next few weeks. Any help would be appreciated.

Fred Morgan:
That goes to FLD on alternator .    Fred   :)

Thanks Fred. Now where is the FLD on the alternator for a 1988 2.3? Can I tie into the same terminal as the BRN/WHT wire states in the diagram is also for the starting and charging systems? My alternator doesnt have a clear marking for the FLD like the older side terminal alternators do, it has the 2 plug in connectors.

Fred Morgan:
Ok I understand you have the higher amp alt the blade connector that is closest to pulley is your fld connecter I will get U pictures.  Fred   :)

Oh your awesome Fred!  ;D


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