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Wiring question

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Fred Morgan:
Blue arrows point to fld see markings on alt.  Fred   :)

Fred your alternator is different than mine. Here's a pic of mine

Fred Morgan:
Oh I thought I was working with a Pinto. I may be able to tell you if you remove black cap.  Fred   :)

We are talking about a Pinto...just one with a 2.3 Turbo engine lol, sorry for the confusion.  ;) . Removing the black tubing wont help because I had to extend those wires because someone cut them off way too short, so they are not factory color. The wire in question comes from the TFI ignition module on the distributor and its the only one coming off of there that I dont know where to hook up. The others are for the spout connector and the coil.

Fred Morgan:
I can only tell you red with blue tracer is FLD. I don't know that alt..    Fred   :)


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