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Wiring question

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The LA3 came in the 88 Turbocoupe with a manual transmission.  Below are scans of the 87TC EVTM (similar to the 88TC) showing that circuit.  The 74 Pinto with all the seat belt interlocks is more complicated than the 87TC for this circuit.  Had to reduce scan resolution to get under the 100kb limit here.  If you need a better resolution, pm me your email address and I will email you better scans. 

Thanks I sent you a PM

Theres nothing left of the factory Pinto harness besides pigtails. The whole care has been rewired. The under dash harness was so chopped up I ripped everything out and rewired with an EZ wire kit. So the wiring is pretty straight up now, no seatbelt circuits in this one.

A better scan in the pdf format has been emailed.  Have fun with the turbo.

Thanks so much for the help Jerry! That clarifies things quite a bit. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Hopefully I can get it ready to fire by next week. 


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