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  Question for those that have done this, I have an 87 TC harness would I be correct in guessing that all I have to do is start at the PCM connector and peel all related wires from the TC harness ?
 Or is there more to it that Im missing ?

yup  . get an la3 pinout and you can diet the harness while your at it. there is a connector for the engine section.

The 87 and 88 harness sucks! it has way more stuff incorperated into it then earlier years, It can be used (I did a 87 harness), just way more work to make it clean. Do you have the wiring diagrams? you really only need about 15 wires to make things work, if i remember right 21 if you want the CEL, premium fuel switch and diag wire...  Just me, but if i did it again, I pay the way over priced $450 for a new harness, or find a Merkur harness...

  I have what I have been able to find for wiring diagrams, I think most if not all of it, but haven't found a terminal pinout.
Since I have the 87 harness and Im .... frugal... going to use it. Trying to keep the price on this project down, well.. for now anyway.



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