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Which clutch are you running?


I have a 2.3 turbo from a merkur in my vehicle with the stock pinto bell. My 8.5" clutch didn't last long so ordered a spec stage 2 clutch (9") and the pressure plate hits the inside of the bell before getting tight. What clutch are you guys running that works with the power of the turbo and within the stock pinto bell housing? Thanks, Jordan.

Most of us have installed T-5 trannies using either the D5, D9 or bellcrank bellhousing from Fox Mustangs & are running the turbo clutch with it. Mine is from a turbo coupe but they are pretty much the same.
You may have to look into a ministock clutch in order to use the stock Pinto trans. I know they handle 300HP & are stock appearing to comply with rulebooks. 


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