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What are you using for a front mount with a factory latch?

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My 74 runs hood pins so I have a ton of room for a front mount. I just picked up a 78 wagon and want to keep the original hood release. My turbo motor will be mild and still running AC and power steering. What are some of you running?

Mike Modified:
What's wrong with the stock latch?


What is supporting the bottom of the latch and the center of the grill now?

Front mount... Inner Cooler of Fan?  If fan it seems easy enough.  On my '73 I made a mount for a generic "out of the shroud" fan.  If inner cooler I think it relates to where and how (and how big) the factory latch will work.

Innercooler. I will run 2 10 inch fans like I did in my 74 set up as pullers. I don't like the idea of loosing the lower support of the latch like mike has his set up. I set it on the lift yesterday and it looks like I can run a narrow longer one kinda behind the bumper at an angle. Then maybe build a shroud to it.


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