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What are ya'll doing for intercoolers?


I searched. Believe me, I search before starting a new thread. ;D

I'm still gathering info for my 2.3T swap. The engine I have is out an '86 'Bird, so it's not intercooled and I will likely run it that way for a while. However, I want to unlock the full 205hp potential of the setup and that means using an IC. I have an '87-88 'Bird IC that might be useful with custom tanks.

Catch #1: I want to avoid cutting up the radiator support, so that means routing tubes through the big oval hole on the passenger side, which means an intercooler with in/out on the same side.

Catch #2: I want to fit an A/C condenser somewhere between the grille and radiator too. I was thinking about an intercooler on one side and a condenser on the other rather than placing one in front of the other as is usually done. I haven't yet looked to see what sizes and shapes of condensers are available and/or suitable.

Anyone with experience or ideas doing something similar? Suggestions, critique, etc are welcome.

I cut the rad support, But, I'm pretty sure you can use the Large NPR IC. without cutting, it is a pretty good IC, works Well... I like the NPR because its well designed for a minimal IC tubing setup.

you have to cut the rad support some to put in a npr for where the tubes run through but you can keep the top of the support and the hood latch and all that stuff. and a npr bolts in the same spot as the radiator.

what year and size of npr intercoolers are you guys running?


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