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Has anyone had a turbo rebuilt before? If so, who would you recommend?

john we can actually send it to garret and have them rebuild it.
even if is not build by them they will rebuild it.

If the wheels are in good shape just order the bushings, thrust bearing and seals. It is mostly a simple hand tools job.  Make sure to clock the compressor wheel and scribe the nut to put it all back in the same relative position and bob's yer uncle. google it, the parts are cheap and there are how to videos. I would recommend you make sure the parts are brand name stuff as the only word of caution.


I've been reading all kinds of info about rebuilding and buying the kits. What concerns me is balencing everything and the big fear of what happens when I do it wrong and send the parts throug the head.

that is a risk you can have even if you have some one do it for you..


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