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Turbo gauge assortment

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--- Quote from: 65ShelbyClone on April 04, 2015, 02:30:54 PM --- The aftermarket gauges a turbo Pinto should have IMO are the gauges every car should have: oil pressure and water temp. You have the space though, so put whatever you want in there beyond that.

Boost gauges are fun to watch, but not that important if boost is stock or fixed.

Stock 2.3Ts have an oil cooler sandwiched between the block and filter, so oil temp is not likely to reach concerning  levels.

--- End quote ---

I have a total of eight spots for gauges. So after the 5, including tach, I have 3 spaces to fill. The boost/oil temp/o2 gauges should fill out perfectly.

All my friends are hooked on upset birds, digital mustaches and other useless technological crack. I like gauges and motor oil under my figernails.


--- Quote from: 76hotrodpinto on April 04, 2015, 05:32:59 PM ---useless technological crack

--- End quote ---

That's an excellent name for it! Expensive, consuming, and short-lived enjoyment....a ll 'features' of consumer electronics.  :o

Wideband, Boost, Oil Pressure, Water temp, Volt,  Fuel pressure is always nice to have just make sure its electric not mechanical don't want fuel inside.


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