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So I just inherited a project that someone was going to do but for one reason or another he never started. I am now the proud owner of a 1974 Pinto wagon along with a 1987 Turbo Coupe donor car. This is my new winter project and would like to know if there is a good step by step how to guide that anyone has put together. My main questions right now are the clutch, I would like to use the hydraulic set up and wanted to know if had any luck with after market master cylinder. On the wiring I was wondering if it is easy to use the factory Tbird harness or use something from Painless Wiring or another company. I was also wondering what fuel pump others have used. I am sure I will have many more questions once I start the swap but those are the things I see up front that I would like some info on.
Thanks Tim

This is a two part write up I did for my '73 wagon.  Your '74 will have less issues.  No, do NOT use the TC hydraulic set up.  No, the 87-88 harness is NOT recommended. (sorry on both accounts) It will be explained in the article.  But if you have questions please ask.  Also, others have similar posts on their projects. If you search "wittsend" I have other posts with pictures on most of the pertinent subjects.  I'm up over 600 post now so I do not know what or where they are anymore. Tom

Thanks for the info I'll check out your posts.


Try partshotlines. com for a cable bellhousing. 86 and earlier Turbo Coupes, 4-cylinder Fox Mustangs (n/a or Turbo), etc. used a bellcrank style cable one. Put in one vehicle they it came in and the site will list any that are compatible. I got one from an 87 4-cyl N/A Mustang from South Dakota for $50 shipped, then sold the hydraulic one on Craigslist a few days later to a guy doing a turbo Ranger swap for 35+ shipping. Just make sure to ask the junkyard you talk to if it has the clutch fork. 4-cylinder T5 clutch forks are IMPOSSIBLE to get alone.


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