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Turbo Coupe - potential donor car?

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I know nothing about the car. I only saw it on CL and thought I'd make mention. 10 years ago these were a dime a dozen. Now it almost seems a shame to cannibalize one for a Pinto. But anyway... , it is the lower powered older, automatic version that is decent, but not pristine. $700 In So. Cal. .

The ad is long gone, but that's about what I payed for my '86 5-speed donor five years ago. It was out in Phelan, so not that far from Palmdale.

Just saw this and thought I'd put it up in case anyone is interested. The add is for two turbo coupes.

The guy sure has cornered the market on 87-88 Turbo Coupes. There is a red one in the background (like my old DD for 10 years) and what looks like a black SVO Mustang behind that. He is "to the point" in his ad and frankly the price is reasonable for today. Hate it when someone asks $4,000 when they would take $1,000. Those cars sit, and sit.., and sit..., eventually going to the JY for $300 and then no one profits.

Is it just me, or does it seem lately people will ask $4,000 for a rusted, thrashed, 4 door Falcon/Maverick etc. that 5 years ago was a $300-$600 car - at best. And the attitude seems to be if you don't buy it at that price (and no one ever will, nor should they) the seller would just rather let it sit and rot. It seems to me that too many sellers have an inflated perspective of the cars value and "just won't be taken advantage of" (in their minds).

Anyway, a good opportunity for the better of the Turbo Coupes (87-88) that are getting hard to find. The newest is now 32 years old. Hopefully someone fixes them up or they make great donor cars for a worthwhile project.

The two T-Bird turbo coupes have been taken off of craigslist. There is a 1984 SVO posted for 2K, below. He says he has an extra non running turbo 4 cylinder that goes with the car.
Your right about the prices some are asking for their "valuable collector cars." I think it's a result of watching too much Barrett-Jackson.


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